1. Terms of Payment

1.1 Collection & delivery customers must either pay before or on delivery by cash. (unless account is made with us)

1.2 We reserve the right not to collect or deliver any items until payment has been received.

1.3 Counter customers must either pay before or on collection by cash or card.

2. Pricing

2.1 We reserve the right to change our prices/offers at any time without prior notice.

2.2 All prices are inclusive of the standard rate of VAT.

2.3 All payments are non-refundable.

3. Exclusions to liability

3.1 Despite our intent to identify problem garments in advance, we cannot assume

responsibility for inherent weaknesses/ defects in materials that are not apparent prior

to cleaning. We are not responsible for sun fading, colour loss, wear and tear and shrinkage.

3.2 Laundry Hut is not responsible for defects in any items treated by them not drawn to

their attention at the time of collection or delivery of garment.

3.3 Laundry Hut will not be responsible for damage to any items which are not suitable for

dry cleaning, laundering or ironing. Items not carrying a care label will only be cleaned at

owners’ own risk.

3.4 Trimmings especially sequins, beading and attached/contained accessories such as belts, buckles, brooches, painted logos, fur, zips, hoods, collars and inner linings are not all able to be dry cleaned and may melt or come off during the dry-cleaning process. This is a design issue rather than a cleaning one, and all such items are cleaned at the owner’s risk.

3.5 We are not responsible for any item which is damaged by the accessories on the item itself.

3.6 We are not responsible for any ink marks left behind by our poly-marking label system.

3.7 If any item is lost or so damaged as to be unusable through the fault of Laundry Hut or

its employees, our liability will not exceed 5 times the cost of the treatment

for which the items were delivered to them.

3.8 If it is unclear who is responsible for the damage, then we will arrange for an independent analysis by a fabric care research laboratory http://www.satra.co.uk. Restitution will be made based upon the lab's report.

4. Stain removal

4.1 While all reasonable care will be taken, we cannot guarantee that all stains on

items treated for dry cleaning or washing will be removed, or that any item will not shrink or remain

colour fast. Stained items are cleaned at owners’ risk.

4.2 Stain removal is often made easier if stains are identified at the time of leaving the

garment. The chances of stain removal are reduced if any non-professional techniques

have been applied by the customer.

4.3 Staining caused by water or condensation cannot be removed in the dry cleaning

process and may become more prominent after cleaning.

4.4 We treat problematic stains with great caution but sometimes to achieve results we need to use harsher techniques and chemicals. We may not be able to guarantee the results. Much as we would dearly love to guarantee to our customers the removal of every mark and stain from every type of material, we are unfortunately unable to do so. 

5. Bulk service wash

5.1 We take care of all your garment care needs however we take no inventory or check

washing label instructions. We are careful with all items but are unable to accept any

complaints or claims for colour fastness, shrinkage or missing items.

5.2 Please make sure your Service wash bag contains washable items only.

6. Ties.

6.1 The padding of some ties may twist out of shape. Therefore, ties are only cleaned at

owner’s own risk.

7. Curtains.

7.1 All curtains can shrink but it is usually minimal and in the dry-cleaning process the

majority of curtains do not shrink. A contributory factor to shrinkage can also be the

atmospheric conditions, humidity and temperature they have been exposed to during


7.2 Material manufactures are required to ensure that fabric shrinkage will not exceed 3%

and an allowance to this degree should be made when making up the curtains. Hems

can be let down to compensate for shrinkage, however this may leave a wear line.

7.3 Most curtain fabrics fade during use even with linings attached. Some areas can

be more affected especially the edges. Removal of the dust and general soiling can on

occasions make the fading more prominent after cleaning. Velvet is the most vulnerable


8. Customers are asked to check that all their orders are there when collected, as errors

cannot be rectified later.

9. Collection & Delivery

9.1 Time and dates are only estimates and do not form a contract. Times may vary due to

volume, breakdown and outside influences.

9.2 The company reserves the right to not accept an order or cancel an order if there is

reason to suspect staff may be at risk of physical or verbal abuse or if there have been

problems of the customer not opening the door to a collection or delivery previously or

difficulties of access to the premises.

9.3 If the driver visits the address within the scheduled time and there is no response or is unable to gain access, the customer will be informed. In such circumstances, the company will endeavour to agree another convenient time, but this would be subject to availability by time and date and customer will be charged a minimum of £3 for re-delivery. The company reserves the right to terminate the account of a person or address where this occurs repeatedly.

10.We reserve the right to refuse our service to any customer.

11. Terms & Conditions

11.1. Acceptance of this service will also mean acceptance of the terms and conditions listed


11.2. Laundry Hut reserves the rights to amend these terms & conditions without prior


11.3. These terms and conditions do not affect your rights as a consumer.

12. Customers are reminded garments not collected will be disposed of after 6 weeks. We reserve the right to dispose of garments without further notice.

13. Lost Laundry

We would love to be able to inventory every piece of laundry you give us. Unfortunately, it is cost-prohibitive for us to do so. As a result, we can't be held responsible for any lost laundry; we simply have no efficient way of verifying that we received any piece of laundry in the first place.

 Rest assured though, we carefully track your clothes. For instance, we tag all our bundles with your name, and your clothes are never loose in our facility unless they’re inside a machine, on the folding table, or in their own laundry cart waiting to be folded.

If you do believe you are missing something from your delivery, please notify us within 24 hours of receiving your clean clothes — we are much more likely to find misplaced laundry if it is reported early.

Unfortunately, there are limitations to what we can do. For example, we don't have time to check your pockets to see if you have left anything in them. Therefore, we can't be held responsible if something left in your laundry (like lipstick, chewing gum, or a pen) causes any damage. Similarly, if you call and tell us that you left your favourite bracelet, or anything else, in your pocket, we can’t guarantee that we will find or return it.

By using our service, you agree that your clothes are suitable to be washed in water, on a normal cycle, and dried using heat in a tumble dryer. We cannot be responsible for any damage to clothing that is not suitable for this standard laundering process.

14. Suede & Leather

Suede & leather garments are examples of materials that have inherent weaknesses or defects in the material. They are subject to natural flaws. We cannot take responsibility for colour imbalance, shrinkages, change of texture. The use of incorrect adhesives during garment manufacture to secure hems and other parts or linings may result in the adhesive coming to the surface during cleaning and showing as stains on the surface of the garment and linings and stitches may come apart.

15. Dry Cleaning

We will require a completed a completed and signed customer consent form to authorise the processing of any item that we consider a risk. We may also request this form to be completed for processing curtains, rugs, leather and suede, wedding/beaded/evening dresses and/other household or non-clothing items.

Our Privacy Statement 

We respect our customers privacy and do not sell any identifiable information regarding our customers to any third party. Any information you give us is held with the utmost care and security and will not be used in ways to which you have not consented.